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Press With Gauge-TL0500-1 Table Type
  Tem No:TL0500-1 Table Type    
  Capacity:10TON N.W:   51KG
  Packing Size:750X250X250mm G.W:   53KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500-2
  Tem No:TL0500-2    
  Capacity:10TON N.W:   70KG
  Packing Size:1320X250X250mm G.W:   72KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500-3
  Tem No:TL0500-3    
  Capacity:20TON N.W:   34/56KG
  Packing Size:1595X220X120/660X235X260mm G.W:   35/57KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500-4
  Tem No:TL0500-4    
  Capacity:30TON N.W:   150KG
  Packing Size:1650X370X280mm G.W:   160KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500-5
  Tem No:TL0500-5    
  Capacity:40TON N.W:   220KG
  Packing Size:1890X940X400mm G.W:   250KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500-6
  Tem No:TL0500-6    
  Capacity:50TON N.W:   235KG
  Packing Size:1890X940X400mm G.W:   267KG
    Detial >>
Press With Gauge-TL0500A-2
  Tem No:TL0500A-2    
  Capacity:20TON N.W:   135KG
  Packing Size:760X290X1800mm G.W:   155KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500A-4
  Tem No:TL0500A-4    
  Capacity:40TON N.W:   220KG
  Packing Size:880X420X1910mm G.W:   250KG
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Press With Gauge-TL0500A-6
  Tem No:TL0500A-6    
  Capacity:60TON N.W:   315KG
  Packing Size:970X500X2080mm G.W:   350KG
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